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Club Champion - The Readey Trophy

Winner: Rhys Vaughan

Runner up: Lesley Waddington.

Men's Championship - The Williamson Trophy.

Winner: Rhys Vaughan

Rhys also won this competition in 2018.  This is the eighth time he has been Men's Champion and Rhys qualifies next year for the National Champion of Champions.  Runner-up was Peter Rogers.  

Ladies Champion - The Hunt Cup

Winner: Barbara Knowles

A first time win for Barbara.  Unlucky Runner-Up for the second year in succession was Bernie Hill. Barbara therefore qualifies for next season's Champion of Champions National Competition.

The Hunt Cup Consolation - "The Little Lady"

Winner: Norma Mellor.

The Hunt Cup Consolation, is affectionately known as "The Lttle Lady", which describes the Trophy perfectly.  It is competed for by those ladies who lose their first game in the main Hunt Cup competition.

TV Sets Singles - The Lawrence Gordon Memorial Trophy

Winner: Michael Joyce

Last year's Club Champion with success in a different singles competition this year.  Michael also won the Singles League.  Runner Up was Lesley Waddington.

Handicap Singles - The McNair Trophy

Winner: Peter Rogers

Runner up was John Benvie.

The Early Bird Singles - The J & W Cropper Trophy.

Winner: Lesley Waddington

A tussle between Lady's Captain Lesley and Club Captain Mike Parker, with Lesley coming off best to record the first victory for a lady in this competition since it became an open competition in 2018.  Allez les dames!

The Challenge Pairs - The J. H. Smith Trophy

Winner: Eleanor & John Benvie.

John said Eleanor was the star of the show.  Runners up were Michael Joyce and Gordon Niven

The Ladies Balloted Pairs - The Howlett Trophy.

Winners: Barbara Knowles and Anna Quigley

Runners up were Val Holmes, partnered with Babs Hornby, who was one of last year's winners

The Australian Balloted Pairs - The J & B Branche Trophy

Winners: Andy Hoyle & David Travis.

A new pairing of relatively new bowlers.  Andy joined the club in 2018 and David only this year.  Runners up were Val Holmes & Jenny Hayes.

The Balloted Pairs - The Les Colbourne Memorial Shield

Abandoned due to adverse weather


The Atherton-Thind Mixed Pairs.

Winners: Eleanor & John Benvie.

Second pairs title for Eleanor & John, having already triumphed in the Challenge Pairs.  Runners up were Norma Mellor & Mike Joyce, Mike having been one of last year's winners.

The Over 50's Pairs - The Eddie Morgan Trophy

Winners: Rhys Vaughan & Gordon Niven.

Definitely a pair of golden oldies.  Runners up were Joan & Brendan Hamilton.

The Over 65 Pairs.

Winners: John Haigh & Peter Rogers.

As the club age demographic changed it was felt that it was time to try a new competition for our more mature members, and so the Over 65 pairs was born. Second time winner for Peter Rogers, this time with a different partner.  Runners up were Rhys Vaughan & Gordon Niven.

The President's Balloted Pairs

Winners: David Travis & Peter Rogers.

A bit of a family battle between husband & wife David & Christine.  This competition is not open to players who have previously won a Club, County, Northern Counties or National singles competition during the previous ten years. Runners up were Christine Travis & Peter Jones.

The Mixed Triples - The Spencer Trophy

Not played this year


The Millenium Balloted Triples - The Margaret Baker Trophy

Winners: Val Holmes, David Travis & Mike Joyce.

A very close game, only decided on the final end.  A third trophy for David in his inaugural season, and a third also for Mike Joyce.  Runners up were Peter Gillett, John Haigh & Ken Hayes.

The Singles League Division One - The Jean Gordon Trophy

Winner: Mike Joyce.

Won on almost the last day, when Rhys lost his final match to Alan Hill.  Rhys hung on to second however,  with Ken Hayes third.

Singles League Division Two

Winner: John Benvie.

A quick return to the first division following his relegation on the final day last season.  Newcomers Andy Hoyle & Ken Hopper came second and third and are also promoted automatically.

The Pairs League - The Tony Gaffner Trophy

 No Competition this Year


The Australian Pairs League - The Nora Rosebowl

Winners: Mike Joyce & John Haigh.

Runners-up were Barbara Knowles & Graham Ellis.

The Drynan Shield Sweepstake

Winner: Barbara Knowles

Regular attendance and consistent bowling is required to win the Drynan, and Barbara qualified on both counts.  Runner-up was Peter Rogers.

Past Members Memorial Trophy - donated by Michael Parker.

Alan Holgate, with Mike presenting the Trophy

An annual competition, with a relaxed, light hearted format, in memory of our past members.


The Harding Trophy.

Winners: Bolton Flat Green Bowling Club.

The annual "serious" friendly between BFGBC & Heaton Hall BC was played at Bolton this year and BFGBC retained the trophy.

Frostbite 2018/2019

Winner: Ken Hayes.

Only the Saturday session ran last winter.

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