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The Tony Allcock Trophy.

Winners: Bolton FGBC.

The Tony Allcock Trophy is the National Over 60's Mixed Double Rink, and this is the second time the trophy has been won by Bolton, (Previously won in 2012), making them the only club in the country to have won the Trophy twice.

Club Champion - The Readey Trophy

Winner: Anthony Booth-Young.

Fourth time as Club Champion in seven years for Anthony, pity he had to beat Grandad Henry in order to do it!  The astonishing aspect of this match in particular, and Lawn Bowls in general, is that both Graham and Anthony, with 60 years between their respective ages, can compete at the same level.

Men's Championship - The Williamson Trophy.

Winner: Gordon Niven.

Gordon last won this trophy in 2013.  Runner-up this year was Graham Booth.

Ladies Champion - The Hunt Cup

Winner: Bernie Hill.

Third time lucky for Bernie in her year as President of the club, having been runner-up twice in recent seasons.  The Hunt Cup winner also gains entry into next seasons national Champion of Champions.  Runner-up was last year's winner Lesley Waddington.

The Hunt Cup Consolation - "The Little Lady"

Winner: Evelyn Franklin.

The Hunt Cup Consolation, is affectionately known as "The Lttle Lady", which describes the Trophy perfectly.  It is competed for by those ladies who lose their first game in the main Hunt Cup competition.   Runner-up was Ellie Green.

TV Sets Singles - The Lawrence Gordon Memorial Trophy

Winner: Rhys Vaughan.

Having lost to Anthony in last year's final, Rhys was determined that history would not repeat itself this year and won the match in two sets, interrupting the Booth family's stranglehold on the competition in recent years. This year Anthony had to settle for runner-up.

Handicap Singles - The McNair Trophy

Winner: John Muldoon.

The handicap rules were amended in 2015, so that after the initial handicap allocation, a player's subsequent performance in the competition determined their handicap next year.  John was playing off +2 this year, so as winner he will lose two points and go into subsequent competitions on scratch.  Unfortunate runner-up for the second season in succession was Mike Joyce.

The Early Bird Singles - The J & W Cropper Trophy.

Winner: Barrie Kitson.

Barrie becomes a two time winner of the Early Bird, having last won in 2010.  Since 2007 there had been a different name on this trophy every year, but Anthony Booth-Young and Barrie have now interrupted that sequence by winning twice.

Runner-up was Steve Watts.  

The Challenge Pairs - The J. H. Smith Trophy

Winner: Rhys Vaughan & Anthony Booth-Young.

Having won the Club Championship seven times between them since 2007 they make a formidable pairing in the Challenge Pairs.  It is perhaps not surprising that they have won this competition four times in the last five years. This year's runners-up were the same as last year, Maureen and Joe Adamson.

The Ladies Pairs - The Howlett Trophy.

Unfortunately there were insufficient entries to enable the competition to take place in 2017.

The Australian Pairs - The J & B Branche Trophy

Winners: Graham Booth & Anthony Booth-Young.

Graham and grandson Anthony added the fixed day competition to their win in the League in this format, with a victory against last years champions.  Runners-up: Peter Rogers and Lyndon Noon.

The Balloted Pairs - The Les Colbourne Memorial Shield

Winners: Graham Booth & Philip Thorpe.

The balloted competitions provide a chance for newer members to play alongside more experienced players, and they don't come much newer than Philip, who joined the club last year, or more experienced than Graham, who won the same competition last year, (with a different partner), and also qualified for seven finals this year.

The Atherton-Thind Mixed Pairs.

Winners: Sue & Barrie Kitson.

Second year for Barrie, playing with his real partner this year.

The Over 50's Pairs - The Eddie Morgan Trophy

Winners: Graham Booth & Bob Wood.

Graham's successful season marches on, this time in the company of Bob Wood.  Runners-up Bernie and Alan Hill.

The Over 65 Pairs.

Winners: John Schofield & Alan Hill.

As the club age demographic changes it was felt that it was time to try a new competition for our more mature members, and so the Over 65 pairs was born.  John & Alan were the inaugural winners, with Graham Booth and Rhys Vaughan as Runners-up.

The Unbadged Pairs.

Designed for those who don't play at the higher levels, this competition is not open to players with a county badge, or players who have previously won a club singles competition.  Unfortunately there were insufficient entries to play this year's competition.  There may be a review of entry qualification for 2018.

The Mixed Triples - The Spencer Trophy

Winners: Angela Hampson, Lyndon Noon, Peter Rogers.

Oddly enough last year's winners Bernie and Anthony had recruited Don Murray, the opposition skip from last year's final, to take the place of Graham, who it has to be said probably had enough on his plate.  As it turned out they came up against opponents in Angela, Lyndon and Peter who were all at the top of their game on the day, so Don & Co. had to settle for Runners-up spot this year.

The Millenium Balloted Triples - The Margaret Baker Trophy

Winners: Mike Joyce, Bob Stobie and Peter Rogers.

Another excellent performance against high quality opposition who were unable to match the excellent play from the winners.  Runners-up were Jenny Hayes, Graham Booth and Rhys Vaughan.

The Singles League Division One - The Jean Gordon Trophy

Winner: Gordon Niven.

With one game in hand for Gordon, he and Rhys were level on points, but Rhys had the better shot difference, so a win was needed, and obtained.  League Champion for the second year in a row for Gordon.  Rhys was of course runner-up and Mike Parker finished third.

Singles League Division Two

Winner: Peter Rogers.

Peter is another one who has had a successful season.  In addition to his other achievements, he won Division Two of the Singles League with an unbeaten record, gaining promotion back to Division One after one season.  Also promoted were Ken Hayes in second place, and Alan Hill who came third.

The Pairs League - The Tony Gaffner Trophy

 There were insufficient entries this year to run the league.

The Australian Pairs League - The Nora Rosebowl

Winners: Graham Booth & Anthony Booth-Young.

Second year in succession for Graham & Anthony.  Runners-up were Ken Hayes & Duncan Wilson.

The Drynan Shield Sweepstake

Winner: Win Workman:

Regular attendance and consistent bowling is required to win the Drynan, and Win qualifies on both counts.  Runner-up was our Isle of Wight import, Bill Pike.

Past Members Memorial Trophy - donated by Michael Parker.

 Winner: Don Murray.

To commemorate those members who are no longer with us - the format this year was a series of three five end pairs, redrawn after each session.

The Tommy Donnelly Trophy.

Winners: The President's Team.

With an imbalance between the numbers of Ladies and Gentlemen the teams were drawn at Random between Club President Bernie's Team and Club Captain Mike's Team.

The Frostbite - The V & G Tomlinson Trophy.

Winner: Keith Higham.

The winter version of the Drynan - only for the hardy and the persistent.  There is a Monday competition, this year won by Kevin Grundy, and a Saturday competition, with Norma Mellor the winner, but the overall competition with both results combined went to Keith Higham.

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