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Become a Club Key Holder.


Becoming a Key Holder means you can visit the club to play Progressive Club or County Competitions, or simply to practise, at a time of your own choosing, regardless of whether the club is open for a competition or any other organised function.


Playing Members and Winter Members may become a Club Key Holder subject to the following Conditions.



Key Holders will be issued with a set of Site Keys on payment of a returnable deposit (currently £20).   The member will also be allocated, (or choose), a 4 digit PIN number that will deactivate and reset the Club Alarm System.  Key Holders must use this PIN number on each occasion they open or lock up the facility. They must also enter their Name, and time of Arrival and Departure  in the Diary each time they do so.



1. Keys are provided to members for their own personal use and must not be loaned to anyone else.


2. Members must not divulge their PIN number to anyone else.


3. The first key holding member to arrive MUST open the facility in accordance with

the published procedure.

This Procedure is a Legal Requirement under Fire Safety Law


4. The key holding member responsible for closing the facility MUST do so in

accordance with the official procedure.


5. All key holding Annual members who do not re-apply for membership in April

must return their keys to the Building Manager or another Executive Member.


6. All Winter key holding members must return their keys to the Building Manager or another Executive member by 31March.


7. No-one may play on the green unless the clubhouse has been opened in

accordance with the club rules.


8. Any key holder losing their keys must inform a member of the Executive as soon

as possible.


Please remember that keys belong to the club and are only on loan to


To Apply to become a Club Key Holder fill in

the Application Form below.

Site Keyholder Application

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