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Membership Development Team Leader

The Club Membership Development Officer is a member of the Executive and should attend Executive and General Meetings.
They submit written reports to each Executive Committee meeting and the Annual General Meeting.
The Membership Development Officer is a key officer within the Club responsible for recruiting and retaining members and encouraging participation by all members, providing leadership and mentorship.
Key Duties
Membership Development
Provide a route by which all persons, new to the sport of Flat Green Bowls, can come to the club and try the sport.
Ensure that qualified instructors give all new bowlers the appropriate instruction laid down in the Bowls England Coaching Scheme.
Ensure that having completed the necessary beginners' instruction, potential new members are identified and encouraged to join the club. Further coaching would then be given.
Fully explain the organisation, responsibilities of the Executive, Club Rules and procedures and likely costs before potential new members join the club.
Ensure that new members are quickly put at ease and integrated into the club by arranging their entry into suitable competitions and social bowling events.
Act as a mentor to new members, explaining, advising and encouraging a full involvement in all aspects of the club.
Make available to all, documentation and videos that explain the sport in detail at club, county and national level.

07904 295644

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