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Club Champion - The Readey Trophy

Since 2007 Rhys has won this competition on two previous occasions, the first in 2012 and he was also Club Champion last year in 2015.  This year's runner-up was 2016 Men's Captain John Muldoon.   

Winner: Rhys Vaughan

Men's Championship - The Williamson Trophy.

 Bob last won this competition in 1998.  Runner-up in the Men's Championship, by a very close margin, was Graham Booth.

Winner: Bob Wood.

Ladies Champion - The Hunt Cup

A new name on the Hunt Cup this year, Lesley prevailed in yet another close final.  Runner-up was Barbara Knowles, also appearing in her first Hunt Cup final.

Winner: Lesley Waddington.

The Hunt Cup Consolation - "The Little Lady"

The Hunt Cup Consolation, is affectionately known as "The Lttle Lady", which describes the Trophy perfectly.  It is competed for by those ladies who lose their first game in the main Hunt Cup competition.  Angela is a first time winner.   This year's runner-up was Maureen Adamson, who since 2007 is a previous three time winner of the main competion in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Winner: Angela Hampson.

TV Sets Singles - The Lawrence Gordon Memorial Trophy

The Booth family have made something of a habit of winning this competition in recent years, with Graham succeeding in 2007 and 2011, and Anthony in 2013 and this year.  Runner-up in a game that went to the final extra end decider was Rhys Vaughan.

Winner: Anthony Booth-Young

Handicap Singles - The McNair Trophy

The handicap rules were amended in 2015, so that after the initial handicap allocation, a player's subsequent performance in the competition determined their handicap next year.  Alan played off +3 this year, but as winner will next year go down to +1.  Runner-up was Mike Joyce.

Winner: Alan Hill

The Early Bird Singles - The J & W Cropper Trophy.

Since 2007 there had been a different name on this trophy every year, but Anthony has just interrupted that sequence by winning for the past two years.  This year's runner-up was Graham Tomlinson.

Winner: Anthony Booth-Young

The Challenge Pairs - The J. H. Smith Trophy

Having won the Club Championship five times between them since 2007 they make a formidable pairing in the Challenge Pairs.  It is perhaps not surprising then that they have won this competition three times in the last four years.  This year's runners-up were Maureen and Joe Adamson.

Winners: Rhys Vaughan & Anthony Booth-Young.

The Ladies Pairs - The Howlett Trophy.

Two years in a row for this pairing, but the third year in succession for Christine, who also won in 2014 with Dianne McCall.  Runners-up this year were Bernie Hill and Sue Kitson.

Winners: Angela Hampson & Christine Hardman.

The Australian Pairs - The J & B Branche Trophy

A close game as the scoreboard shows, but it doesn't show the comeback from 11-2 down.  It was a fair wait for Lyndon since he last won in 2007, but the first time this year for Peter.  Runners-up were Graham Tomlinson and Jason Norris.

Winners: Lyndon Noon & Peter Rogers

The Balloted Pairs - The Les Colbourne Memorial Shield

Always a mixed bag because it is a balloted competition, but history shows that a touch of benevolence in determining a partnership always helps.  This year produced a very evenly matched final, and Graham and Barbara had to produce a late winning run to come from behind against eventual runners-up Barrie Kitson and the youngest competitor on the day, Daniel Muldoon.

Winners: Graham Booth & Barbara Knowles.

The Atherton-Thind Mixed Pairs.

A good performance from Christine and Barrie to overcome runners-up Bernie and Alan Hill.

Winners: Barrie Kitson & Christine Hardman.

The Over 50's Pairs - The Eddie Morgan Trophy

Neither looks it, but both claim to be old enough to qualify for this competition.  Runners-up were Win and Ken Workman.

Winners: John Muldoon & Don Murray

The Unbadged Pairs - The Amplifon Trophy

Designed for those who don't play at the higher levels, this competition is not open to players with a county badge, or players who have previously won a club singles competition.  Runners-up were Mike Faulkner and Joan Hamilton, both in their first full year at the club.

Winners: Peter Jones & Ellie Green.

The Mixed Triples - The Spencer Trophy.

This was an international match between England and Scotland, and coming at the end of the day was probably one of the most closely contested matches of all the finals.  The Booth family, augmented by Bernie Hill, prevailed.  The runners-up were the Murray clan of Donald, Linda and daughter Gillian.

Winners: Graham Booth/Bernie Hill/Anthony Booth-Young

The Millenium Balloted Triples - The Margaret Baker Trophy

Second time in a row for Colin Redfern, which is unusual in a balloted triples.  Runners-up on this occasion were Peter Jones/John Schofield/Chris Yates.

Winners:Graham Booth/Colin Redfern/John Muldoon

The Singles League Division One - The Jean Gordon Trophy

It came down to a single game play off at the end of the season.  both had unbeaten records, so it was winner takes all.  As expected it was a close game, won in the end by Gordon, to leave last year's champion Rhys Vaughan as runner-up.

League Champion: Gordon Niven.

Singles League Division Two

Angela decided to dip her toe in the singles pond this year and came away as Division Two winner.  The other promotion positions were occupied by Eleanor Benvie, and Allen Farnworth.

Winner: Angela Hampson.

The Pairs League - The Tony Gaffner Trophy

A good trio to choose from, and more success for Angela, Alan and Mike in a league that wasn't exactly over-subscribed.  Runners-up were Maureen and Joe Adamson.  More entries next year please.

Winners: Angela Hampson/Alan Hill/Mike Joyce

The Australian Pairs League - The Nora Rosebowl

There are some of us who were hoping that Anthony might be too pre-occupied with university to bother with the leagues, but his mum says he has even more time off and holidays than he did at school.  Seems we will just have to put up with it.  Runners-up were Paula and Steve Watts.

Winners: Graham Booth & Anthony Booth-Young (with Rhys Vaughan)

The Drynan Shield Sweepstake

The Drynan rewards consistency over the whole season.  Runner-up, in his first full club season was Steve Waddington.

Winner: Peter Rogers

Past Members Memorial Trophy.

The Memorial Trophy was donated in 2016 by Club Captain Mike Parker.  The eventual format of the competition has yet to be decided.   This year, pairs were drawn at random and a group of round robin games was played, together with a session of target bowls for light relief.  the overall winners were the pair with the best shot difference.

Winners: Mike Joyce and Jenny Hayes.

The Tommy Donnelly Trophy.

The Tommy Donnelly Trophy is now awarded to the winners of the Annual Club Competition between the Ladies and the Gentlemen.

Winners: The Gentlemen.

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